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Which is the best hood louver?

As temperatures begin to touch record highs all around the globe, the term ‘hot rods’ is starting to sound more literal because your car is getting heated up more than ever. If a long drive in sweltering heat with the air conditioner switched on makes you sweat, think about how it would be under that hood. There’s a theory that heat helps improve the fuel efficiency of the car. In fact, it is quite the […]

Which is the best front fender for a quick replacement?

For people in the car restoration business, the term ‘fender bender’ has to be taken literally. For they deal with their share of bent fenders every single day of their business. Despite having an innocuous appearance and not being the most sophisticated of repairs, a fender will eat away valuable hours on the clock if you try to repair it. Not to mention that it will probably look like a shabby job no matter how […]

Which are the best rocker panels for your cars?

There is nothing more debilitating for a car than rust. And rust on your rocker panel is imminent sign of huge expenses coming your way, if it is left unattended. Despite taking the best precautionary measures, your rockers seem to have an uncanny knack to attract rust. You may drive on the driest roads that you have ever seen but  the corrosion magically starts to poke its head out in a few years. And if […]